Ken Hirai [CD Single] # 302 Released Drama "4 Minute Marigold" Theme Song Released December 04, 2019


“The Ballad Emperor” has created another ballad called “# 302”.

Ken Hirai, who has sung many ballads, has created another ballad. The theme song for the TBS drama “4 Minute Marigold” “# 302”. Although it is the first drama theme song in about a year since the previous “half of me”, it certainly has a lot of impressions of drama theme songs, and many people are great as listeners and singers of famous ballads. Its immense expressive power and song that impress you are unrivaled.

The content of the drama. The main character of a paramedic became a family member with his sister due to his parents remarried in his childhood, but he learned that his sister would die on the 28th birthday because of the strong inspiration of the main character.
The relationship between my sister and brother will change to love one day and the two will decide to marry, but even if they try to change the destiny of their sister's death, the time will remain difficult and they will be wrapped in their favorite marigold There is no time left for a year to enter. And what does “4 minutes” mean? We can see the ending with the December broadcast. The development looks like a suspense, but it is a pure love story.

Below is a summary of what Ken Hirai responded to the interview.

"The feelings of the main character of the drama and the main character of the song may be close, but I wrote another feeling of love story, modified it while listening to the opinions of the drama side, and finally into this song If I trace the drama story in the past, it is an experience that the essential part of the song will be blurred, and it would be nice if I could write a wide-ranging song, I wasn't very good at writing, so I thought about making it a specific song without thinking too much about that. ''

“In this song, I sing“ I'm by my side ”at any time of“ You ”, but I think there were other words that included drama. But now I don't want to make a direct song like “I want to protect you”, for example.

“There are a few things that I encounter with the drama side every time, but I ca n’t dilute the density of this song,“ # 302 ”. Then, even if I come to another person, I always work with the feeling that ... I will do my best, but if I think that the person who places the order is a little different, I will be withdrawn I think it was really good that there was a point where I was convinced this time, and this song might help to make the drama exciting, and there might be people who are interested in my music with this song. In that sense, the drama theme song is important. ''

“Last year's“ half of me ”is also a piano,“ Can you say magic? ”And“ Non-fiction ”are also a guitar, and the simple simple feeling of fleshing in the second half continues all the time. I asked Mr. Toomi, the producer, just saying, “I want to make it look like winter”. However, this song originally had a demo of one guitar, and when talking to Toomi about what to add, I wonder if I need instruments with high sound pressure such as drums and bass become. I think it depends on the song, but I wanted to make this song folky too. If I told the song and the words, I wouldn't need much decoration anymore. Toomi-san also made various sounds with careful examinations, but the sound became more and more finalized. But after talking with Toomi many times and trying again and again, it's a detour, or if you try to reach this sound after repeated trials, it doesn't make sense from the beginning. . In order to make people who want to listen to me want to listen to it again, I try to make it about 80% satisfying in recent music making. It may be a different feeling with the changes of the times, but that is still the case now. ''

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