Toshinobu Kubota to release original album "Beautiful People" after 27 years


Toshinobu Kubota, whose Japanese R & B was the main J-POP, released their first album “Beautiful People” after 4 years!

Singles “You Go Lady” released in 2018 (Kose Esprik CM song (2018 spring broadcast)), “So Beautiful” (Kose Esprik CM song (2018 winter broadcast)), “JAM fo 'freedom” (B. LEAGUE 2019-20 SEASON Original theme song) and 14 other songs.

The message of this work is “human hymn” and “female hymn”.

Toshinobu Kubota says. “New and nostalgic”.
The album is composed of the best balance: Funky, Slow Jam, Trap, Excellent ballad.
This is exactly the “King of Japanese R & B” Toshinobu Kubota's ongoing album!

As a long-time musician, his latest album is a Japanese asset.