Released kamiyado complete best 2018-2019.


Harajuku's five-person idol group “kamiyado”, the first album in about two years! This work includes the new song “Bokuha Platinum”, “Hamelo!”, Which is the song that supports the Karaoke Big Echo “Party Course”, single songs “HAPPY PARTY NIGHT”, “CONVERSATION FANCY”, and 2018-2019 Includes all 13 songs, including songs that have been performed live, and songs that have not been recorded on CD. It is exactly “kamiyado's best board content.

This is the first album in approximately two years since joining kamiyado's new member who held the biggest one-man live in the history of the group at Makuhari Messe in September 2019. Includes songs released from 2018 to 2019 and performed live, including singles “HAPPY PARTY NIGHT” and “CONVERSATION FANCY”.

Kamiyado (KMYD) Initial K = KAWAII M = MAX Y = YELL D = DREAM is based in Harajuku.